Keeping the little one entertained when on the go: what’s in your bag?

Toddlers are busy bodies, without question, and have short attention spans to boot. When on the go, it’s best to have some go-to supplies on hand. These can help stave the boredom that can ensue when accompanying their adult counterparts on errands and long drives.

 So what’s in your bag? 

For my tot approaching age 2, I have found the following to be useful for road trips, waiting at restaurants  (or wherever), airplanes, and general outings away from home:

  • A balloon – deflated and ready to use. Think of this as a compact ball to go. 
  • Crayons and paper or coloring book. Target’s dollar bins often have mini coloring books complete with a four pack of crayons and stickers.
  • Wind up toys are great. If you have multiple, challenge your child to keep them all wound up at the same time!
  • A tablet or cell phone, if that’s in your book of acceptability for the kiddo. Might I suggest downloading games or shows that can be watched/accessed offline? It’s helpful when you’re traveling through areas of poor cell signal. 
  • A couple of favorite books to thumb through.
  • Matchbox cars or similar. 
  • A small tote to carry a few small toys in. 
  • Snacks! String cheese, raisins, Cuties, Goldfish crackers, and Plum Organic fruit/veggie pouches tend to be a big hit and easy to transport. For a fun snack transport, try the GoStak!

Got more ideas in your parental tool kit? Please share! I welcome input and feedback. 

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